Per was born in 1962, he has Gästrikland and Dalarna in Sweden as a base for his photography. A photographer with a passion for the great woods. Frequent exhibitor, among others at Gästrikkonst since 2010. Per have published a book, Skogsminnen in 2012 and a picture show, Grangärde finnmark in 2011. He is also participating in international contests and earned a ”Highly Commended” in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012.

He has always been interested in the nature and the wilderness and for many years he used to fish and hunt also, but to day he is only enjoying the nature and wildlife through the lens of his camera.

Favourite places are the great woodlands. He is driven to capture and depict the feeeling of the woods, the fragrant marshes and the small dark terns, but also the culture and the traces of those who not so long ago lived here in the woods.

These pages on Black and White Country are fully devoted to the art of Black & White photography. If you want to see my other work please visit Skogsfotografen.se (both Swedish and English).

All pictures are for sale. Usually in a limited edition of 7. Inquiries are welcome.

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